An unfortunate reality for people injured or killed in a Las Vegas car accident is that most drivers carry only the minimum auto insurance that their state requires. With a minimum requirement of only $25,000 in Nevada, most negligent drivers are vastly underinsured.

Here are a few examples of vehicle defects that can contribute to or increase the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident:

  • A minor collision at low or residential speeds resulting in major injuries or even death;
  • One person in the vehicle is severely injured or killed while others in the vehicle suffered minor, or no injury;
  • Major damage to a localized area of the vehicle. This can mean that an area or component failed to function properly. These situations can involve a tire blowout or de-tread, roof crus, or seat-back failure.
  • Seat=belted occupants are seriously injured or ejected from the vehicle. Seatbelt induced injuries such as abdominal or spinal cord injuries are often an indicator of seatbelt failure.
  • Ejection from a vehicle when the occupant is belted in is a strong suggestion that the seatbelt failed to properly restrain the person;
  • Vehicle rollovers caused by the faulty suspension or result in roof crushes due to poor design;
  • Faulty vehicle ignition switch causes loss of power-steering or brakes and can also cause airbags to not deploy; and
  • An airbag deploys during a minor vehicle accident or the airbag does not deploy when it should.

Unfortunately, when there is a motor vehicle accident, the persons involved and attorneys alike focus on the actions of the negligent driver and sometimes fail to investigate additional avenues of recovery. Please keep in mind the above, and if you are in a motor vehicle accident please give us a call immediately. Defective auto product cases are unique and different from auto negligence insurance cases, and it is something our car accident lawyers are highly experienced in.


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