It is common knowledge to file a police accident report following an accident. It is equally important to contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Why? Because you may not know exactly how the process works. Contacting an injury attorney and filing a police report are imperative first steps in a successful recovery. In this article, we will explain to you how you can file a police report following your Las Vegas car accident:

How Can You File a Police Report Online Following a Las Vegas Car Accident?

You can do this by filing online or in person. To file online, you must provide the following information to successfully file a report: drivers license information, active insurance policy information, a detailed description of how the accident happened alongside an estimated value of damages. The form that you complete is called an SR-1, Report of Traffic Accident. If the police are called to the scene to investigate, they will complete this form for you. All you will need to do is sign.


How Can You File a Police Report In Person Following a Las Vegas Car Accident?

You may file a police report in person. It is recommended you do so as quickly as possible, but no more than 10-days following the accident. See below for the closest station near you:

North Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Las Vegas, NV

How to File a Las Vegas Accident Report on the Phone

You may file your SR-1 car accident report over the phone if you do not have access to transportation and/or a computer. Most local police stations can take the information you need to complete the report over the phone. Please find contact information in the links provided above.

How to File a Las Vegas Accident Report Through an Officer’s Investigation

If an officer reports to the accident scene and completes your SR-1 with the necessary information listed in Nevada Revised Statute 484E.070, you do not need to file a report. You should read through the report before you sign to make sure that the officer’s write-up meets the requirements. If you’ve already signed, you can request a copy of the report to confirm.

How Long Do You Have to File a Police Report After an Accident in Las Vegas?

The State of Nevada provides a strict 10-day limit to file a report following an accident. Because there are certain attachments and amendments required to file the report, such as insurance copies, drivers license copy, etc… it is highly advisable to begin filing as soon as possible.

What Does a Las Vegas Crash Report Contain?

The SR-1, Report of Traffic Accident contains the identifying information of the parties involved in the accident, including driver, vehicle information, and vehicle owner information, the date, location and description of the accident, insurance information as well as a statement of physical injuries and property damage. A signature is required to successfully complete this report.

Filing a Las Vegas Car Accident Report

If you have been injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, you must file a SR-1. It is important to note, however, that filing the report does not initiate an injury claim, insurance claim, or financial recovery. You must contact a personal injury attorney to successfully recover. Please contact our legal team today for a free review of your injury claim. We will guide you through the complicated process and fight hard for your maximum compensation!