Have you found yourself in need of a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney?

Receiving a Traffic Ticket or Criminal Offense Ticket is aggravating enough. Dealing with the aftermath can be an even greater cause of stress. Failure to address Las Vegas Traffic Tickets in a timely manner can result in a warrant for your arrest, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, increased insurance premiums, and so on.

After receiving a Traffic Ticket for a moving or non-moving violation, you have three options:

1. Pay the stated fine
2. Represent yourself in court
3. Hire an attorney.

Should you opt to pay the stated fine, the courts identify this as an assumed “Guilty” plea, and any points associated will appear on your driving record with the DMV. Your automobile insurance company will also be notified. If you decide to address the ticket yourself in court, you are likely to spend hours driving, finding parking, and not to mention waiting in line. Depending on the jurisdiction, your first appearance may only be to actually SET an appearance date… meaning you must re-appear at a later date. Points on your driving record may still apply.

At The Law Office of Craig P. Kenny & Associates, we take the time to appear in court on your behalf. We will take care of your Las Vegas Traffic Ticket for you so you can spend your time on other important tasks. In most cases, we will be able to get your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation (such as illegal parking) with NO points accrued on your record. No Traffic School, No Wasted Court Appearances, No Unnecessary Insurance Increases. Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss the best plan of action to take for resolving your traffic ticket, today.

You may also send us your ticket directly!

Fax: (702) 380-4146
Email: tickets@cpklaw.com
Please include your contact phone number when faxing or emailing your ticket so we may call you to process the ticket.

Call Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney, Craig P. Kenny & Associates for a FREE CONSULTATION now (702) 380-2800.

We Fight Hard For You!
NO Points on your DMV record (in most cases)
NO Community Service / Forced Education
NO Court Appearances
NO Increased Insurance Premiums (in most cases)
NO Waiting in line
NO Time off of work
We Keep you jail-free!


If you have found yourself in need of an experienced Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney, call (702) 380-2800 today to speak with an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney regarding your case.

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