Have you noticed how many big rigs are traveling on our highways? They come in all shapes and sizes and some of them are absolutely gigantic. I have seen big rigs hauling anything and everything driving alongside everyday motorists in passenger cars. It takes a great deal of skill and training to operate these large tractor-trailers and not all truckers have spotless safety records. Trucking accidents are on the rise due to continued pressure for the truckers to meet deadlines and deliver their goods under stressful and often unsafe driving conditions.


  • 12% of all traffic fatalities involve a commercial truck.
  • 4% of all traffic accident injuries involve a commercial truck.
  • 77% of those hurt in truck accidents are in a passenger vehicle.
  • 86% of those killed in truck accidents are in a passenger vehicle.

No matter how safe you are driving in a passenger car, many of the factors that cause commercial truck accidents are out of your control.


  1. DRIVER FATIGUE: Statistics show that many commercial truck accidents occur due to truck driver fatigue.
  2. STOPPING DISTANCE: At 65 mph, a car requires approximately 160 feet to stop. A big rig, on the other hand, requires approximately 420 feet to stop.
  3. HUGE BLIND SPOTS: We are all used to the blind spots in our own car, but trucks have multiple blind spots in the front and back. This makes it difficult for the driver to spot surrounding vehicles.
  4. WIDE TURNS: A driver of a big rig often has to swing in the opposite direction before negotiating a turn. For example, before making a right turn, a tractor-trailer driver may first swing the truck left to accommodate the wide turning radius. This can endanger vehicles on either side.
  5. MORE SUSCEPTIBLE TO ROLLOVERS: The height and weight distribution of an 18-wheeler makes it particularly susceptible to rollovers. Speed often plays a critical roll in truck drivers failing to compensate properly around corners, especially when traveling on a downgrade.

Getting our team of attorneys involved immediately is critical in these types of accidents. Preserving evidence such as logbooks, property damage photos, black box information, and dash cam video is very important. There may be many other factors involved that our legal team will investigate such as negligent hiring, negligent training and negligent maintenance of the truck.

Due to big rigs sheer size and weight, commercial truck crashes can be disastrous. Always be on the lookout and leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the large trucks. The attorneys at Craig P. Kenny & Associates are committed to helping individuals who have been injured in such accidents.

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