Traffic Ticket Representation

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Moapa and Goodsprings

Craig P. Kenny & Associates, a law firm committed to the client, will handle traffic tickets in the following courts:

No appointment is needed. Simply drop off your ticket at the Traffic Ticket Office prior to the court date.

Traffic Ticket Office Location:
501 S. 8th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Traffic Ticket Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Q: How can I submit my ticket to your office?
A: You can come in person to the above address during the posted business hours. You may also email your ticket to us at or fax your ticket to (702) 380-4146. Please be sure to include your phone number when faxing or emailing your ticket to us so that we can contact you to process payment with your credit/debit card. Your ticket will not be processed without speaking to you first. (Please be sure to include y our phone number if faxing or emailing us a traffic ticket. If we have not contacted you regarding your faxed or emailed ticked within 24 hours, please call us to make sure your ticket gets processed.)

Q: Is there a charge for you to represent me for my ticket?
A: Yes, we now charge an up front $50 administrative fee for each basic moving violation citation we handle. Please note that fees will be higher for warrants and criminal violations.

Q: Why is my call back date from your office different from my court date?
A: Your original court appearance date is assigned to you by the citing police officer. When you let us handle your traffic ticket, a new court date is set for the attorney representing you. The new date will always be later than your original court date.

Q: Will I have points on my driving record?
A: We make every effort to reduce your traffic ticket from a moving violation to a parking ticket. In some cases this may not be possible, but we will work to reduce the total number of points.

Q: Is it okay if I do refer clients to you?
A: Absolutely. We don’t advertise, so all our clients are referred to us by someone. We practice primarily in the areas of Personal Injury and Accidents, Insurance Bad Faith, Workers’ Compensation, Criminal Defense/DUI’s, and Products Liability. The initial consultation is always free. We believe that our law firm is different than other firms, because of our passion to help others.

Q: Do I have to go to court?
A: No, the attorney handles it. So, rest assured you won’t have to make a special trip to stand in line or make a special trip to court.

Q: After the court date, do you contact me or do I contact you?
A: When you come in, we will give you a call-back date. If the new court date happens earlier than the call-back date, we will make every effort to call you. But, if you have not heard from us by your call-back date, please call us.

Q: What if I get a warrant?
A: If you bring in your traffic ticket prior to the court date there should be no problem. Sometimes however, the court can make a mistake. If you get a warrant, call us and we will immediately take care of it. If you bring us your ticket prior to the court date, you should never get a warrant.

Q: What if I get another traffic ticket?
A: Please come back. While we will be there for you every time, we don’t recommend getting a lot of traffic tickets.


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