Should I Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by prospective clients is “Should I hire an attorney after a car accident,” “I was injured in a hit and run. Can I file a lawsuit?” and “do I have a personal injury case?” My response is always the same. There are many, many benefits in consulting an attorney following a motor vehicle accident. The following are a few important considerations:

The Nevada personal injury recovery process can be incredibly difficult to navigate.

As you may imagine, the laws governing personal injury are numerous and complex. Additionally, each individual state has different laws on the subject. Thus, the importance of speaking with a well-informed and experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney can be immensely helpful and necessary. An experienced lawyer can advise you as to any applicable statutory time limitations within which to bring your claim, and will use all applicable rules to benefit and protect you. For instance, Nevada law requires an adverse insurance company to advise a personal injury victim if there is any reason the value of a claim will exceed their insured’s policy limits; however, the insurance company is only required to do so after receiving a copy of medical reports, records, or bills concerning the claim. An experienced attorney will assure that the adverse insurance company is provided a copy of any and all pertinent medical bills and records as quickly as possible in order to determine the insurance coverage of an adverse driver.

At Craig P. Kenny & Associates, we refer our clients to medical providers that are educated in personal injury actions.  As such, these providers know the importance of providing us with an initial medical report so that we may obtain information regarding the insurance available to our clients as quickly as possible. This knowledge allows us to protect our clients from accumulating medical bills that ultimately might not be covered under the claim. This is just one example of the way a knowledgeable and experienced attorney of Craig P. Kenny & Associates can effectively manage your personal injury action.

We’ve spent years building relationships with the best injury practitioners in Las Vegas

A knowledgeable and ethical attorney always wants the very best for the client. The attorney is charged with monitoring a personal injury victim’s care to assure that the client receives the proper and appropriate medical treatment resulting from an accident. Further, the attorney is responsible for managing the claim, verifying that there is adequate insurance available to pay any and all bills associated with the accident. At Craig P. Kenny & Associates, we have worked very hard to foster healthy relationships with all providers that treat our clients. The relationships we have developed are priceless. The medical providers that treat our clients are the best in their respective fields. They not only provide the best treatment available, they also communicate with us in regards to treatment options and their respective recommendations. The relationships we have established with the medical providers that treat our clients ensure that every personal injury claim is managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Insurance adjusters do not want to pay out on your claim.

Sadly, insurance companies profit by under compensating injured persons. Almost daily, I speak with prospective clients that have attempted to negotiate with an adverse drivers’ insurance company only to be given an initial offer that will not even cover their outstanding medical bills. At Craig P. Kenny & Associates, each attorney understands the importance of the negotiations stage. We have not only established a good working relationship with most insurance companies, but we know what information needs to be conveyed to an insurance adjuster that will add value to a claim. The abilities of a lawyer to negotiate fair, deserved compensation when one is injured in a car accident should not be overlooked.

Hire the best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas. Contact us for a free case review.

Unfortunately, there are times when an insurance company will refuse to pay what is owed to a car accident victim. While some attorneys might refuse to fight for just compensation for their clients, the attorneys of Craig P. Kenny Associates are not afraid to file suit and pursue a claim in our state’s Honorable Court. Our experience and familiarity with the Nevada court system allows us to justly represent our clients and ensure that all rights are protected.

should I hire an attorney after a car accident

Listed above are only a few of the many benefits afforded to you when consulting an attorney following a motor vehicle accident. Most importantly, consulting with an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney can reduce the stress and headache following an already traumatic event. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about hiring legal counsel after an accident. We are happy to talk with you at any time. You can contact us at 702-380-2800.


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