Requiring medical care for injuries sustained in a car accident can be very scary.  Trying to get your medical bills paid at the conclusion of your treatment can be equally as scary.  As your attorney, it is my job to make sure that you are getting the best possible outcome at the conclusion of your car accident claim.  It is, however, no secret that dealing with insurance companies in these situations is not pleasant.  Often times, insurance carriers will deny liability or attempt to reduce your recovery by a substantial sum.  In these circumstances, negotiation is very important – as is the posture of your case in the event that I must file a lawsuit on your behalf.  While I handle the adjusters and attorneys, I leave you to focus on your recovery and your life.  There are, however, two things that you can do to help me help you:  talk to me and talk to your providers.

Talk To Me

Every car accident case is different.  Some accidents are minor fender benders while others are multi-vehicle crashes.  At the outset, it is extremely important that I know the facts of your accident.  The location of the accident, how many vehicles were involved in the accident, information regarding the other party involved in the accident, etc. is all material that I will need in order to handle your claim adequately.  This information will allow me to better manage your medical treatment as well as efficiently plan for litigation, if necessary. As your attorney, I need you to talk to me about the specifics of your accident.

In addition to speaking to me about your accident, I also need to get to know you.  A personal injury settlement is largely based upon how your accident negatively impacted your life.  As such, I need to know about your life.  Each of my clients is different.  Some have very stationary desk jobs, other have very physically demanding occupations.  Some of my clients are very active in their personal lives while others participate in activities that are more subdued.  Regardless of what it is that you do, it is important for me to know the activities that encapsulate your life.  As your attorney, I need you to talk to me about you and how your life has been impacted by your car accident.

I am your attorney.  I am your confidant and your advocate. I want to know my clients.  I want my clients to know me.  I strongly believe that a case can depend on this relationship.  Please remember to talk to me.

Talk To Your Medical Providers

The medical providers that treat you for the injuries you have sustained in an accident are important for several reasons.  First, these providers are there to make you feel better.  They are there to ensure that your injuries physically heal and that you have the emotional support to get you through your treatment.  These providers are also extremely important from a legal perspective.  At the conclusion of your treatment, the notes from these medical providers will be the first thing that the insurance companies will consider in determining how to value your claim.

Many times, my clients will believe that certain aches and pains associated with their car accident will get better over time.  Sometimes these minor aches and pains resolve.  Other times, however, they do not.  When injuries associated with a car accident are not mentioned to a medical provider at the outset of treatment, it can become more difficult to causally connect the injury to the accident at a later time.  For example, if you do not mention a shoulder injury until three months after your car accident, the insurance companies start to wonder if there is any other possible way that you could have injured your shoulder other than the car accident.  The insurance company will then likely deny payment for any medical bills associated with your shoulder injury.  If, however, your medical records indicate that you have complained of pain to your shoulder since the date of the accident, the insurance companies are more likely to attribute your injury to the accident and accept liability for the injury.

Just as I believe that a case can strongly depend on the relationship between you and me, I also believe that a case can depend on the relationship between you and your medical provider. See: what’s my case worth? The notes transcribed by these providers paint a picture for the insurance companies of your car accident and your injuries, which ultimately means that they paint a picture of you and all of the ways that your life has been impacted by your car accident.  Please remember to talk to your providers.

My firm practices in the areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury.  Please contact us for a free consultation at 702-380-2800.  We look forward to getting to know you.