There are many different courts in the Las Vegas area. There are federal courts, justice courts, and municipal courts. The fines may vary greatly from court to court, even for the same offense. People are often confused as to how they end up in a certain court.

For example, why did a traffic citation go to Las Vegas Municipal Court and not the Las Vegas Justice Court? Usually, the specific Court is determined by the location where the citation was issued. This determines the proper jurisdiction. If you are stopped by law enforcement for a traffic violation inside the city limits of Las Vegas, your case will usually go to Las Vegas Municipal Court.

If you are stopped outside the city limits but not in Henderson or North Las Vegas, it is likely to go to Las Vegas Justice Court. Las Vegas city limits can be confusing. On the south end, usually you can use Sahara as the border between City and County. The north border is not nearly as straight. As you head west, the border moves around. The east and west borders are close to the valley’s edge. To be certain, consult a City of Las Vegas map. Remember, most of the Las Vegas Valley is not in the city limits.

Similarly, Henderson and North Las Vegas also have defined city limits. When given a citation within the borders of those cities, the ticket will almost always go to that city’s municipal court. If the citation is issued outside of the city limits, but closer to Henderson or North Las Vegas, the ticket could end up in Henderson Justice Court or North Las Vegas Justice Court. However, I have seen a citation received near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the ticket was marked for Henderson. Clark County does have overlapping jurisdictions but this happening is rare. Always read your citation closely to see which court is marked by the officer. If you receive a citation at Lake Mead or Red Rock, the ticket will likely go to Federal Court. Please note, our office does not handle tickets in Federal Court.

Another fact the public may not be aware of is that it does not make a difference which law enforcement agency issued the citation. Metro and Nevada Highway Patrol issue tickets in all courts. I have had clients mistakenly believe that Metro tickets only go to Las Vegas Municipal Court and that NHP tickets only go to Las Vegas Justice Court.

Craig Kenny & Associates also handles traffic tickets from Goodsprings Justice Court and Moapa Justice Court. We are unable to handle tickets in the remaining outlying communities such as Laughlin, Searchlight or Mesquite. We do not handle any traffic matters outside Clark County such as Pahrump which is in Nye County. Nor do we handle any tickets in our neighboring states such as California, Arizona or Utah. However, if you reside in a state other than Nevada, and you’ve been injured while visiting Las Vegas, our Las Vegas personal injury attorney can certainly represent you!

If you receive a traffic citation in an area we do not handle, we recommend contacting that Court directly to represent yourself, or contact the Bar Association of whichever locale you received the ticket to seek representation. The best approach is to always follow all traffic laws to avoid these problems.